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We expertly craft the staircase you've always envisioned, ensuring that the staircase perfectly fits with your room layout and interior.

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In today's context, a staircase is no longer merely a means of moving up and down the floors, but rather a significant architectural element. Each staircase is unique and must harmonize with the interior design; that's why we craft spiral staircases according to your room layout.

We manufacture staircases from almost any wood material you choose and, if needed, we stain or paint them to achieve the right hue. We find the perfect solution to match your preferences. When it comes to material and finishing selection, we fully consider each customer's desires individually.

Special solutions

Special solutions

We manufacture stairs with any angle according to your room layout, purpose and expectations of the perfect staircase.

Straight stairs

Straight stairs

Straight staircases are highly common, especially in larger spaces. With straight staircases, the concept of a turning angle is absent.

U-shaped stairs

U-shaped stairs

U-shaped staircases involve a 180° spiral, where the staircase changes direction by 180 degrees, forming a U-like shape

L-shaped stairs

L-shaped stairs

The direction of the L-shaped staircase changes with a 90-degree turn. In this case, the staircase consists of two straight segments, forming an L-like shape.

About us

Our team has been crafting stairs since 1997. OÜ Andu Trepp was established in 2007, emerging from Marrandi Furniture. In its early years, Marrandi Furniture's main production included furniture, stairs, doors, and windows. However, since 2003, the primary focus has been solely on staircases.

"Crafting stairs is similar to assembling a large puzzle, where each detail must fit perfectly."



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