The perfect staircase

An ideal staircase is one of the most essential elements in any home. A well-designed staircase not only serves a practical purpose but also adds significant interior design aesthetics and ambiance. Consequently, crafting a high-quality staircase requires experience, knowledge, skilled craftsmanship, and the ability to truly understand the client's desires.


Our team has over 25 years of experience in crafting distinctive and high-quality wooden staircases. Throughout this time, we have created stairs that perfectly align with our clients' needs, preferences, and room layouts for thousands of homes and buildings. We consistently use only the finest materials to ensure that our stairs meet the highest standards.


Our goal is not only to meet your expectations when crafting staircases but to consistently exceed them. Each wooden staircase we create is unique and timeless. In addition to the staircase's design, we place great importance on its durability and reliability. We can turn even simple ideas into something grand and marvelous. Calculate an estimated cost for your staircase or get in touch with us right away!


3D Models

Have you ever wondered how a particular type of staircase could truly look in your home or building? To help you envision the unique wooden staircase being built for you, we always create a 3D model of the commissioned design.

We have presented a few 3D models of the most common staircase types, which can assist you in choosing the right staircase design. Take a look at the 3D model and imagine how each staircase type could harmonize with your interior and room layout.







The cost of the staircase and it's variables

Since our aim is to create a unique staircase for each client, providing an exact price immediately is challenging. However, you can calculate an estimated cost for the staircase based on the key factors using our staircase calculator. The main factors that influence the price include:

Stair type

The most common staircase types include the straight staircase, L-shaped staircase, U-shaped staircase, and spiral staircase. However, we can create staircases with any turning angle according to the client's preferences. Generally, due to its straightforward design, building a straight staircase tends to be the most cost-effective option.


The choice of materials can influence both the appearance and durability of the staircase. In Estonia, birch is likely the best value-for-money material in terms of both price and quality. We do not recommend using very soft woods like pine, even though it's the most economical option. If needed, higher quality materials such as oak, ash, or even various hardwoods can be used.

Size measurements and railings

The size measurements of the staircase primarily determine the number of steps and the quantity and cost of materials required for construction. Additionally, an important aspect of staircases is the height and length of railings, as well as the type of newel posts (turned or carved, with the carved one generally being slightly more economical).

Finishing options, additional details and transport

In addition to the choice of having an open or closed riser staircase and the finishing (oil, varnish, paint), one must also consider transportation and labor costs, which the calculator takes into account based on the selections made.

We have made the process of estimating the approximate cost of your staircase as simple as possible. Now, with the help of our calculator, you can calculate the estimated cost of your staircase yourself.

How to correctly measure the sizes?

Taking measurements is both simple and crucial as it is one of the most important things to design a 3D model and subsequently craft a unique and quality wooden staircase.

We have provided instructions for taking measurements, which you can find in the image. Begin by measuring the height of the space, i.e., measure the height from the floor of the first level to the floor of the next level. Next, measure the thickness of the ceiling/floor slab, followed by the length and width of the staircase opening. To ensure maximum accuracy, please provide measurements in millimeters (mm).

how to measure

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